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This website and its contents are subject to copyright. The reproduction of its contents in whole or in part is strictly prohibited except that individual private users of this service may print or save portions of the website information for their own private use. No substantial part of the website or its contents may be copied, transmitted, distributed or otherwise reproduced for any commercial purpose unless with the authority of ARCAN. Contact ARCAN at info@arcan.org.au if you have questions or concerns.

Use and Disclosure

We don’t sell or loan or give away information collected from any of our activities. No data collected from the site will be disclosed to a third party except where the details are required to transfer information for volunteering and donations, where lease or rental finance arrangements are required, and where it is legally required, such as in the investigation of a criminal offence, and in compliance with a search warrant or subpoena.

Data Quality

We strive to keep all information up to date by making regular scheduled updates. If you have identified that the information that we hold about you is incorrect, please contact us immediately so we can amend it.


This website is intended as an information service only. The listings and information contained in the website are intended for general use. No warranty is provided that the information is accurate or correct. ARCAN assumes no responsibility, whether implied by law or otherwise, for the information provided and disclaims all liability with respect to such information. ARCAN is not liable for any injury loss or damage that might arise through use of this website. The existence of listings and any advertising on this website does not constitute a guarantee or endorsement of the quality, value or suitability of the products or services so listed or advertised.

The information is not intended to be nor is it to be treated as a substitute for professional medical advice relative to a specific medical condition or question. ALWAYS seek the advice of your doctor for any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.


ARCAN may need to collect personal information from its users in order to assist users of the website and with our provision of information to you. In doing so we recognise the requirement to keep that personal information confidential. ARCAN will at all times comply with the requirements imposed by the Privacy Act 1988.

Listings & Advertising

ARCAN may in the future contain listings and advertising from other providers of products and services not related to ARCAN. In addition to the above disclaimer, ARCAN specifically does not endorse any product or service listed or advertised and does not warrant that the product or service is fit for its intended use, is accurate, of quality or value, or otherwise is appropriate in the circumstances. The user must exercise all necessary caution and investigate fully for themselves any product or service listed or advertised.