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ARCAN is proud to announce that our Ambassador is Lauren Huxley.

”If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that the pleasure in life is doing what other people say you can’t.” – LAUREN HUXLEY



We had a hard time trying to find someone suitable to be the Ambassador for ARCAN. Our children are so unique & each has had their own special journey. Children with rare genetic conditions are rarely spoken about in the media so we aren’t aware of any known ecelebritiesf who are facing the same battles as the ARCAN families day to day.

When Lauren Huxley was suggested we realised that the parallels in Lauren’s Journey to that of a Rare Chromosome child are amazing. Laurenfs strength and determination which she has shown over the last 8 years has enabled her to reach such amazing heights and meet many goals.

Lauren may not have a rare chromosome disorder; but she has an amazing journey. Laurenfs journey may have started by very different circumstances, but her challenges have been very similar to our childrenfs.

Each day Lauren had to fight to survive, to get healthy, to get stronger and to prove those wrong who said she couldn’t do with. Like Lauren many of the rare chromosome kids in our group have had multiple operations. Lauren has had to re learn to walk, talk, eat, live, love, laugh and every other facet of life that the average person takes for granted. Today Lauren is here with a voice & she can tell you her story. Lauren can share with you her frustrations, hurdles and the victories of her journey. She can share how she has beaten the odds and come out on top.

Lauren is truly an inspiration and a perfect role model for all the ARCAN children. There are many comparisons in the challenges that Lauren and the ARCAN children have had to face.

Thank you Lauren for being ARCAN’s Ambassador we appreciate your support.