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Sarah's Story









To be honest, I don’t think there’s certain age where there isn’t challenges being a mother to a special child.Every day I am reminded in some way that Sarah is special. It took a long time to reach the place where I stopped comparing her to other children her age.

Instead of achieving her HSC this year, we celebrated Sarah making vowel sounds on command. After five years of private speech lessons it is an awesome accomplishment!

In conversations with other women about their families, its hard not to cringe at the typical “my child is completing university and going on to doing so and so” Or “just got promoted in their career and getting engaged soon.”

We have Sarah’s name down for day respite in 2014, after she completes an extension year at her special school next year.This is because there are no programs available for a 17 yr old, which she will be this December. Hence the applying for an extra year at school so she will be eligible to participate in the adult programs. (We are in Qld).

I flatly refuse to let Sarah’s future worry me. No family can know for sure what their children will be doing in 2-5 yrs time.

Next year is school but beyond that its hazy. Perhaps she will take off talking (we intend to keep the speech lessons going as long as it takes) and that would change her life (and ours) so much…having Sarah make decisions for herself and have long conversations with her…that’s what I dream she will achieve in her life.

A small thing for most of us but a major obstacle for Sarah to overcome.

Tracey Hilton.