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This is a page to share all about our beautiful girl Eva and the tough journey she has been on through her short life.

Eva was born full term on the 16th July 2010 weighing 1.86kg. Only 24 hours after Eva was born she was rushed to Neonatal Intensive Care at Westmead Children’s Hospital where she was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy, while in hospital for 4 weeks Eva was tested numerous times to find out why she was so small at birth and was not growing in the third trimester. When genetic results came back they showed that Eva had a 6q23.5 -25.1 deletion and was the only person in the world with this particular deletion. Characteristics of this deletion are small in size, heart conditions and developmental delay. While there are a few other health problems, her 14 specialists keep her on track on a monthly basis.

Eva has had a rough start to life but her personality and determination is truly inspirational. She is a very happy baby with a loving personality.

Join Eva’s journey as she battles through her constant health problems always with a smile on her face.
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