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Other avenues of support and information:


Genetic Support Groups/Organisations 

GaRDN – www.geneticandrarediseasenetwork.org.au

Rare Voices Australia – www.rarevoices.org.au

Genetic Alliance – www.geneticalliance.org.au

Genetic Support Network Victoria – www.gsnv.org.au

Genetics Education- NSW Gov – www.genetics.edu.au

Beyond the Diagnosis – A Place of Hope

Websites & Facebook groups

Chromosome 1

1q4 Deletions Support

1q4 Chromosome Duplications Support Group

1p36 Deletion/Duplication Support

1q21.1 Deletions or Duplications

I love someone with 1q211 duplication/deletion

Chromosome 2

Chromosome 3

3q29 deletion and microdeletion; duplication and microduplication

Chromosome 4

4p Aussie Kids – Helping Children with Wolf Hirschorn Syndrome

Friends of 4p+

Duplication (Trisomy) 4p Family and Friends

4p Aussie Kids

Team ML (Mucolipidosis)


Chromosome 5

Cri Du Chat Australia & New Zealand

Sotos Syndrome Australia

Chromosome 5q14.3 Deletion Syndrome
Chromosome 6

Australian Chromosome 6 Group

Chromosome 6

Chromosome 7

7q35 Support Group

Chromosome 8

Chromosome 9

Chromosome 10

Chromosome 11

Chromosome 12

PKS Support – Pallister-Killian Syndrome

Chromosome 12 Deletion/Duplication

Chromosome 13

Chromosome 14



Chromosome 15

Angelman Syndrome Association of WA

Australian families with AS

Chromosome 16

16p11.2 – Australian Families

Chromosome 17

SMS Awareness Australia

Chromosome 18 

Chromosome 18
Chromosome 22

Faces of Caelan

VCFS 22q11 Foundation

Chromosome 22 Central

22q12 and 22q13 DUPLICATIONS – C22C

PMSF Australia

X Linked Conditions:

Dyskeratosis Congenita Outreach Pacific

Trisomy X South Australia Page

Trisomy X South Australia Group

NBIA Families in Australia

MECP2 Duplication Syndrome Family Talk

Brain Conditions

Schizencephaly Australian/New Zealand

Australian Disorders of the Corpus Callosum