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ARCAN is an organisation created by parents, for parents and the community; to raise awareness for rare chromosome disorders.

With ARCAN you will never feel alone and we will celebrate our differences together.

ARCAN is a Registered Charity and we are Authorised to Fundraise in NSW. Our Charitable Fundraising Number is CFN/22743.

We want to grow the organisation so we can help more families across Australia. So we have set out some goals to help us get there:

On Going Goals-

  • Gain Exposure and raise awareness for rare chromosome disorders Obtain ongoing financial sponsorship/funding
  • Have leaflets and information booklets printed and distributed to all hospitals, genetics and paediatric clinics in Australia
  • Reach all families in Australia affected by Rare Chromosome Disorders
  • Have ongoing events, to educate the public and specialists who do not know what rare chromosome disorders are or how they can affect a person/family/community
  • Have more fundraising and social events in each state so members have more opportunity to meet others who understand their journey
  • Collaborate with other rare disorder groups like Rare Voices Australia and SWAN Australia – to assist in increasing awareness and support networks for All Australians with rare conditions.

Long Term Goals –

  • Have funding to support families in a Grant Style application Process. (Even with the NDIS not all families will qualify but they will probably need assistance at some stage, for example to buy equipment, therapies, specialist car seats etc)
  • Be able to have “make a wish” type opportunities for rare chromosome families

Some ways that you can help us reach our goals is to assist in these Focus areas

  • Help provide or find sustainable funding for ARCAN. This will support sub-Committees in each state who will then be able to help families in their state.
  • Printing & distribution of leaflets and information booklets to all hospitals, genetics and paediatric clinic’s in Australia
  • Ideas on way’s to reach all families in Australia
  • We want to have ongoing events, to educate the public and specialists who currently are unaware of the affect rare chromosome disorders can have for each person/family/community